Monday, July 1, 2013

Food Review: Kinder Surprise Egg

Time for another review! Are you ready? Today I have a Kinder Surprise Egg, which I've never seen in the United States. Want to know why?

They're illegal in the US! The US has a ban on any candy that has embedded toys, so these are not allowed because of the choking hazard. Google it if you want to know more...this is a review, not a research project! :)

Okay, Kinder Surprise Eggs are made by a German chocolate company ("Kinder" means "children" in German), and that German company is owned by an Italian company called Ferrero. Sound familiar? Notice the "k" is a different color than the rest of the word in the picture below. Remind you of anything?
The answer I was looking for was Nutella. If you haven't ever tried Nutella and you love chocolate, for the love of all things yummy, go buy some! Eat it on toast, bananas, fingers, whatever!! *ahem* So yes, Ferrero also makes Nutella, Ferrero Rochers, and Tic Tacs (and a bunch of other things I don't recognize).

Anyway, I've been dying (no pun intended) to try one of these, and I finally bought one today.

 The egg broke easily and evenly in half, which pleased my OCD tendencies greatly.

Smell: Chocolate-y! Yum!

Texture: Nice smooth chocolate -- good and rich (not just sweet)

Taste: A good chocolate taste - good quality. White chocolate and milk chocolate combined
Aftertaste: None

This product is a lot of fun! The chocolate is yummy for the adult in me, and the toy is seriously cool for the kid in me! Too bad I won't be able to get them when I move back home. Smuggling some with me seems like an option, but the fine, if caught, is $2,500 per egg....Good grief!

I feel like I need to give this candy two ratings -- one for the actual chocolate part and one for the toy. 

Chocolate: 8
Toy: 10 (Just because it's exciting to see what you'll get the next time!)

My scale from 1-10
1 - Kill it! Kill it with fire!
2 - Ew!
3 - Pretty gross
4 - Eh, wouldn't get it again
5 - Not sure
6 - Might buy again, if there was nothing else available
7 - Good
8 - Could see myself craving that
9 - Delicious
10 - Must. Have. More. NOW!

Thanks for reading! 

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