Friday, July 12, 2013

A Quaint Town and God's Artwork

Two Mondays ago, while Amy (my co-worker), Susanna (new girl from Poland), Victoria (young local girl), and I were eating our Chinese food we'd cooked up for ourselves, I happened to mention that I hadn't been to Dunmore East yet this trip. And just like that, the plans were made and we were off.

We refer to the path along the coast in Dunmore East simply as "The Cliff Walk." All visitors to the area have to go on "The Cliff Walk" before they've really seen Ireland. And I'll admit, it's beautiful. But I'll stop writing now and let you decide for yourselves. Enjoy!

Looking over the edge!

An interesting rock formation.

Looking back towards the little fishing village of Dunmore East. This is a popular holiday spot, with lots of beach cottages for rent, and little caf├ęs and shops.

Looking ahead, along the cliffs. 

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