Saturday, June 22, 2013

Food Review: Tayto® Milk Chocolate Bar with Cheese & Onion Crisps

I'm sorry I've been neglecting this review that I promised quite a while ago. In all honesty, I was scared to try the candy bar! It's been sitting on my coffee table just waiting ominously.

Anyway, I finally tried it! Here's what I think:

Smell: Has a chocolate-y scent...maybe more sweet than rich. Confused by an undertone of something savory.

Texture: Chocolate was smooth, but cheese and onion crisps are crispy - like potato chips. Could almost be gritty while chewing.

Taste: A good chocolate taste - decent quality (not Lindt, but not Palmer's either)
Aftertaste: Slight onion

If you like chocolate-covered potato chips, you'd probably like this candy bar. The cheese and onion add a bit of a new element to the salty addition of plain potato chips, but neither taste is overwhelming.

I'm giving this candy bar a rating of 6.

My scale from 1-10
1 - Kill it! Kill it with fire!
2 - Ew!
3 - Pretty gross
4 - Eh, wouldn't get it again
5 - Not sure
6 - Might buy again, if there was nothing else available
7 - Good
8 - Could see myself craving that
9 - Delicious
10 - Must. Have. More. NOW!

Thanks for reading!

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