Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life is Mostly Edges

Let me start this post by saying that I love going shopping at Ollie's. Often times I've found a book off my "must-read/own" list for a fraction of the cost of buying it new. (You have no idea the excited noises/dances that happen when I find a book, followed quickly by the profound silence that comes when I am perusing a book and am instantly drawn in). I found Life is Mostly Edges by Calvin Miller at my local Ollie's earlier this summer, and I've just finished reading it. I highly recommend it. He has some profound things to say, and says them better than I could attempt to, so I will simply quote the last lines from the book. Enjoy!

"Like autumn leaves
My final triumph is set to swirl upward into the sky.
And the song will come on forever.
And I will take possession of the distant real estate
I've always owned.
And I will live among the far pavilions I have always loved,
Where the parent stars themselves were tracked
By wounded feet.
And there standing free in golden light
I'll shake an unfamiliar hand and find it wounded.
And there I'll be reminded
This life I lived was never mine."
excerpt from The Singer by Calvin Miller


  1. um, may i perhaps borrow it? :D

  2. Yep, sure thing, when it comes back from the other person who borrowed it :)