Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Title: My Second Trip to Blarney -- Subtitle: Yes, I Am Still Aware I Run a Blog

The Dunmore East Single Staff (DSS) and the Comeragh Boys' Camp Staff (CBCS) went on an outing to Blarney Castle on a Saturday in January. The DSS loaded into a big white maxi van by the name of Al and drove together. It was wild and fun and informative. 

The castle was fun, even though I'd been before. We spent more time exploring the grounds this time than when I was there in 2011. Mostly, it was just amazing to hang out with the wonderful youth here.

Here's a bench, for when you get tired climbing those windy stairs. Also, the name is carved into it in case you forget where you are.

A really cool view from up on top. Seriously beautiful, even if the trees were bare. This is also gorgeous in the summer, with roses blooming profusely.

The imposing castle, framed by bare branches and drops of rain.

After touring the castle and grounds, we sat around and ate our picnic lunch. We provided quite a spectacle for the other guests, and a feast of crumbs and apple cores for the various birds.

We trundled back to camp for supper and games -- Trivial Pursuit, anyone?

We girls camped out on the floor of the camp's female staff's house, and got ready for church Sunday morning amid the flurry of breakfast casserole, irons, hangers, and one bathroom for 8 girls (it was really quite impressive).

It was one of the best weekends that I can remember. Even if it took me four months to tell the story.

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