Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quick Post

You may have noticed I haven't posted in a while. You may not have. In either case, it's been over a month, and I feel bad about it. And the longer I waited to write again, the more pressure was on the next post. And so I decided to write a very quick update and not really over-think it. And because today was such an amazing day, I just feel like I have to share it.

Wednesday is usually my day to work alone in the bakery. And because I work alone, I like to brainstorm about new things to introduce into the store. Today I decided on biscotti. I told my coworker, Becca, that I'm the only person that goes to find a recipe to try and ends up researching the history of the food item. To make a long story short, the Roman army used to make biscotti (plural of biscotto, which means twice-cooked, or twice-baked) because it was easy to carry and it lasted a long time without spoiling.

So, today I made three kinds of biscotti. I first made a cinnamon one. Before the other two kinds were done and I'd put them in the shop, the neighbor came in and bought all the cinnamon ones for the tea she was serving her guests.

I then made a chocolate walnut one. And then a lemon ginger one. And then another batch of the cinnamon ones. I made bright little signs advertising the new product, and left little plates of free samples out, and went home. When I came back 2-3 hours later, the chocolate and the lemon ones were completely gone. :D I love that feeling of success.

I and my coworkers also took a bit of a snack to the teachers who are currently toiling long hours to get their classrooms ready for next week. I enjoyed cutting out some bulletin board items for them, and then leaving it behind and not having to worry about it anymore! I also somehow volunteered to lead a girls' Bible study twice a month.

And then it was back to the shop because it was my turn to help close. We made pizza for supper, tried a new muffin recipe (Rocky Road) for the shop, and generally just had a good time.

Thanks for reading about a day in my life. :) I will just say again, since I haven't said it in a while: I love it here. I love Ireland. I love the baking, and I love that I'm feeling more at home in the shop and the bakery.

Next post (which hopefully is not a month away!): Dunhill Castle and Dublin day trip.


  1. Hi Bekah, I'm a big fan of your blog and love hearing about your daily happenings, observations, and impressions of things. It reminds me of when I lived/worked in Japan on my own, right after college. I too feel that same pressure when it's been a long time since I've written someone and then I feel like whenever I DO reply, it has to be this long, well-thought out epistle, which I don't have time for so put it off even longer, only adding to my guilt and lack of writing.

    Anyway, it's funny you mentioned biscotti because I almost bought one today at Starbucks as I was leaving work (the store is located dangerously close to my office in the same building, in fact). It sounds like your new additions were a big hit and far better than those at Starbucks, I am sure! Among the 3 flavors you mentioned, my favorites probably would have been the cinnamon and lemon-ginger. That's great that they give you the freedom to be creative. Biscottis, muffins, and pizza--sounds like a great day! ~ Jane

  2. Loved imagining the Roman army sitting around dunking biscotti in their coffee! :P Seriously, glad they turned out well AND were good sellers.