Friday, December 25, 2009


...that time of year when we buy oodles of presents we don't need and stuff extra goodies into our already too full refrigerators, all so we can get together and enjoy our families and friends. Has Christmas really come to that? Don't get me wrong, family and friends are wonderful. I've had the pleasure of having two of my FB friends stay with me in the last week. My family and I - we are completing all the normal Christmas traditions. We watched all the old Christmas specials (Charlie Brown, Rudolph, and the Grinch) and then drove around to look at other peoples' decorated houses. Tomorrow we'll join some of our extended family for several hours and catch up on each other's lives. But isn't Christmas more than food and family-togetherness?
We read the Christmas story from Luke 2 on Christmas morning - right before we dig into our stack of wrapped material blessings. Could we be doing more? The very essence of Christmas is celebrating our Savior. JESUS. Yes, as the cliche goes: Jesus is the reason for the season. Bleg. But it's true. So we read one chapter in Luke and we may even haul our lazy selves out of our sugar-induced stupors to go to a Christmas service at church, but what else is there?
God wrapped Himself, a Being so large that any words that attempt to describe Him appear puny, in flesh. And came to this sin-stricken, filth-ridden earth. As a baby. The most powerful Being, helpless, trusting His mother, just like every other child on the planet, to provide food, warmth, and clean diapers. In the words of one of my professors, "What in the world anyway?" It's apalling. It staggers my imagination. Hopefully yours too. Because you know why He did that? For you. For me. For us. The very mankind that has trampled God's earth and purposes into the dust. Yet He knew it was the only way He could get us to listen; if He became one of us. God is LOVE. So the only way He can act is in love. Out of pure, unmitigated love He came. THAT'S what Christmas is about.
So yeah, enough sermon. Go enjoy those Christmas cookies and the Rook games with your cousins. Hug your aunts and kiss your nephews. But please, please remember: Christmas isn't just about family, friends, or goodies. It's not even just about love. It's about Love. What can you do differently in order to reflect that?

Blessings all you lovely people! May God be very present in your holiday.

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